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♡ Study Plan Hospitality Sample ♡

linh janetta le

As my enduring passion, hospitality is why I choose Les Roches Global Hospitality Management as the ideal place to study. I have always appreciated education and fervently wanted to approach the education system in Switzerland as the birthplace of hospitality.

On a typical day as it has always been, I unexpectedly saw an article about a businesswoman whose name is Tho. After studying abroad, from 2002, she has executed some hospitality projects for European Union. She then has been a marketing manager for a five-star hotel named Caravelle in Ho Chi Minh city. Through the article, I noticed hospitality was terrific. That major can allow me to work in an international environment, improve my interpersonal skills and comprehend the cultures around the world by communicating with guests.

Moreover, hospitality shows the profession in conduct and arrangement. I was inspired to follow my dream for the reasons mentioned above, along with Mrs Tho’s success. Nevertheless, my parents have not agreed with my proposal since they supported my previous plan of becoming a doctor, which quickly brought me jobs in Vietnam. Therefore, my process to convince them started with great efforts.

According to the data from the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the number of international visitors steadily increased annually: in 2000 was 2,1 million turns, in 2005 it was 3,4 million turns, while in 2013 it was 7,5 million turns. In particular, the rise of imports from tourism is significant: in 2000 it was six hundred million US dollars, in 2005 it was a billion dollars, and until 2013, it reached nine billion dollars. Therefore, I can persuade my parents that hospitality is really potential, offering a wide availability of jobs across the globe and appropriately suitable for me. Finally, after considering carefully, they decided to encourage my choice. 

In other places, one could hardly find such an excellent school as Les Roches Global Hospitality Management, where facilities are well equipped, and my skills are enhanced to a high degree. My passionate aspiration towards hospitality, accompanied by significant support from Les Roches, will definitely create amazing things.


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