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♡ Motivation Letter Sample ♡

linh janetta le

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Le Khanh Linh, a student at VNU–HCM High School for the Gifted. I am writing to express my considerable interest in the Hotel Management Diploma programme at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management.

I grow up in Vietnam with my father, a teacher of chemistry and my mother, a pharmacist. Therefore, when I was very young, I was oriented towards being a doctor, which quickly brought me jobs in my country. One day, I unexpectedly saw an article about a successful Vietnamese businesswoman whose name is Tho. After studying abroad, she has executed some hospitality projects for European Union. She then became a marketing manager for a five–star hotel named Caravelle in Ho Chi Minh city. Through the article, I noticed that hotel management was a remarkable career, which can allow me to work in an international environment, improve my interpersonal skills and comprehend the cultures around the world. As I always desire to enlarge my knowledge and like brainstorming innovative ideas, that major inspired me so strongly that I decided to pursue hospitality as my dream career. Nevertheless, my parents have not agreed to my proposal, and my process to convince them started with great efforts. According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the potential data of tourism helps me persuade my parents that hotel management offers a wide availability of jobs across the globe and is appropriately suitable for me. After considering carefully, they decided to encourage my choice. Their support really means to me.

I always appreciated education, so I eagerly want to approach the education system in Switzerland, a leading country of hospitality, where my skills are enhanced to a higher degree. Furthermore, I can practice what I learn with the unique study program, including studies and internships. Therefore, I firmly believe that studying at the birthplace of hospitality will help fulfil my dream of reaching the manager position, especially in a famous hotel, and contributing to Vietnam society.

Personally, I am a self-confident, hard-working and optimistic person. I know there will be many ordeals awaiting me, but I am ready to surpass them. I confidently think that difficult situations would absolutely mature me and bring me new experiences. Thus, nothing can prevent me from doing my best at Les Roches. Furthermore, in 2013, I got the second prize at the National Mathematical Olympic contest with calculators. That achievement in such a stressful competition was indeed a worthwhile experience, from which I sustained the competitive environment and realized that calmness could solve everything. In addition, to be sociable, I pursued a bilingual programme French – Vietnamese and achieved 8.8/10 in the FIEF, which is the examination for secondary students to graduate from the bilingual programme. This result was worthy of my endeavour in a long time. Last but not least, I have had a great interest in piano for 4 years. Up to now, playing the piano is gradually making me outstanding among fellow students.

As shown, all of my interests are genuinely suitable for studying at Les Roches. Therefore, scholarships from your school will significantly motivate me to follow my path: study fervently, improve my skills and finally be a good manager in the future.

Yours faithfully,


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