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♡ Internship Report Sample – “Professional Development” ♡

linh janetta le

Internal recruitment and development are stimulated in Royal Plaza Montreux & Spa. I have not seen the procedures myself. However, my colleagues have helped me know the processes and what has happened in the past in the Front Office department, where I am working.

The current Night Manager has started at the company as an intern as a part of his hospitality management curriculum, just like what I am doing. After finishing his studies and management training in other establishments, he has been re-recruited as a permanent employee. After the previous Night Manager was fired, some employees were considered to continue carrying on this position which was chosen for the role of Night Supervisor for five months, then officially the Night Manager until now. Moreover, as the Reservations Agent has just left the company, some people are considering taking this place. Internal recruitment is an essential part of Royal Plaza since they value the rhythm of staff working, and it is also due to its unique hierarchy and workflow.

In fact, I arrived at the hotel right at the peak period during the very high summer season, so there was no introduction, except a welcome package with the most basic procedures of the department. Nevertheless, not with a reactive personality, I have taken those first moments to carefully observe how the works function within different shifts and divisions. In addition, with five-star services and massive structure, it took me quite a lot of time getting used to only the details of the hotel itself without instructions. It was understandable, and at the same time, a little uncomfortable learning everything only by observation. It did help develop these skills of mine, but it felt really unwelcome of being quietly reading papers that did not make sense without blending in the teamwork. Furthermore, a colleague accompanied me for a tour to better understand the hotel, and it was literally useless. After all, for a low season, proper instructions might be available. Yet, with a high proportion of interns, a training booklet can be introduced so that even though time does not allow, there is still enough information available without disrupting the work of others. The booklet also brings up a controversial point, which is too much information to start a new position. Despite that fact, I would prefer “too much information” to “lack of information” because by adding common sense and education, the new person has a direction and ideas to get familiar with the works.

In conclusion, with its particular characteristics, Royal Plaza Montreux & Spa***** have improvements that can be made. Human Resources has been adapting to the current situations well, considering not only work efficiency but also financial-wise.


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