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♡ Internship Report Sample – “Hospitality Employee Psychology” ♡

linh janetta le

From what I have experienced so far, I would say most people work simply because they need to and works then become more of a habit than motivation in life. Like the guide suggested, taking a step back helps a lot in seeing the overall situation and deep digging into the root and driving to change the outputs. I have been through myself the difference between working during the same shift with different colleagues and seen it personally very clearly.

T. K. and P. A. N. are the two colleagues of mine mentioned above. The difference in their ways of work differentiates in a direct result. Even though they both started in the company around the same time, T. K. holds the receptionist position. At the same time, P. A. N. is now the manager. Of course, there can be a lot of other reasons forming the different roles they are in at the moment.

I only commenced work in the company for almost two months, and P. A. N. has been so much supporting that it really touches me. Not only is he always there having my back for a challenging start during the peak time of the season, but he also taught me in his very own efficient way to grow more in the future by always observing my actions and proposing other solutions when needed. Being successful in this internship is just a tiny part of the big picture of my career journey, and I learned how to bear that in mind. He is also the person bonding team members together with fun BBQ activities or parties after work. We are not only co-workers in our professional but also good friends in our everyday lives. He never forgets to encourage me when I have done something more than expectations and works closely with me enough to correct my mistakes but still does not make me feel depressed about micro-management.

Abraham Maslow’s research appears to be reasonably obvious and common sense. However, it is not easy to be spotted if not being studied carefully. A human being is complicated, and understanding the factors driving their actions has proven the possible win achieved. “Luckily, Abraham Maslow has done all the heavy research.”


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