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♡ Internship Report Sample – “Act Like An Intern But Think Like A Manager” ♡

linh janetta le

Internships are supposed to bring growth to students, and it is true. It is no more the disorientation-like feelings but replaced by the excitement of having the chance to deeply explore myself to take one more step towards a professional career after graduation.

I was cross-trained and discovered my passion for interacting with people, having great times sharing stories and learning from each other, especially bringing memorable moments to everyone, which led to the decision of being a Front Office Trainee this time. I would have responsibilities not only at the reception desk but also as concierge and reservation. With a strict procedure and a very recent start, there are not many actions I am allowed to take at the moment. However, optimistically, there is always something good in everything. Without being able to make crucial decisions to observe and ask questions about the factors leading to final conclusions of the managers, combining with previous experiences, I have already had, then form a solution myself and apply it in possible situations. Internships mean learning by doing, and I have thankfully been receiving full support from the managers, who have told me: “Mistakes can always be fixed, particularly yours for the first time are always forgiven. You are here to learn.”

I did not aim to be in the Front Office department in the future. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity for me to improve the skills needed and analyse guests’ demands and expectations within different situations. With a very open personality, the ideal position could be anything that would fascinate me, which also depends on the environment and trends at the moment. After all, having a more comprehensive network and creating more connections is the long-term goal. To be able to reach it, not only does my communication skills need to be improved but also my updated global knowledge so that there are common subjects to share and exchange.

In conclusion, “act like an intern but think like a manager”, students, specifically myself, did not choose Les Roches just have a degree or a job after graduation. It is an ambition carried towards the future and a willingness to be an influencer within the industry. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”


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