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♡ Internship Experience Report Sample ♡

linh janetta le

“As my permanent passion, hospitality is the reason why I choose Les Roches Global Hospitality Education to spend my study. I always appreciate education and fervently want to approach the system in Switzerland, the birthplace of hospitality.” That is what I have written on the Study Plan during the application process to fulfil my dream. After my first internship as a part of the curriculum which was so much amazing, so far, in terms of both personal and professional development, I have never had any better experience in my whole more-than-eighteen-year life.

I am working as a trainee at Best Western Plus Plaisance, Villefranche-sur-Saône, France. During the interview with the company, I only expected to be able to gain more practical skills in the Rooms Division department which I had been interested in. However, after my arrival, I had a long but very useful talk with the General Manager before starting my work. It helped clarify and balance between my needs (what I need to learn) and my fascinated work domain (what I want to do). It leads to the fact that I am given a huge opportunity to pass by all sectors that existed in the hotel. After all, a simple but essential conclusion has come to my mind, that only the service quality provided to the clients’ matters importantly. With every single piece of advice given by my colleagues, supervisors and manager during this indispensable period, I truly believe in having grown and been more prepared to cope with more situations in my future professional career.

On the other hand, ExpatExplore has affirmed that there is no prettier time of year to travel to Europe than autumn and I do agree with it as a Vietnamese girl. Not only is Europe too irresistible to go on a trip but also expanding our perspective is a powerful reason to voyage somewhere. Knowledge acquired is never limited in classes, books and works and at the same time, fresh ideas cannot be found in a box but in open space.

Nevertheless, six months is not enough to master every angle of hospitality, which is already quite wide of a field itself. I will be looking for doing more business in Accounting or Purchasing, getting to know more about Human Resources so that my comprehension would be broader and therefore, I would become ready to do well with an executive position in the industry. Additionally, I hope that meeting new people will open my personality more and more, and dealing with people will put me under less pressure than it does at this moment. In any case, I am still fairly young and whatever I require gaining an understanding of is limitless. My aim at the end of the day is simply to be happy with both my work life and my way of living.

In conclusion, the first internship has given me a lot of very exciting moments which I am enjoying one by one. The word “marvellous” may not even be enough to describe. My process of growing up is on its way, and I am having so much confidence in the fact that there will even be more joy waiting for me in the future ahead.


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