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♡ IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample: City vs. Countryside ♡

Over time, more and more people hate living in urban areas and move to rural ones. One could wonder why and whether there are any benefits to this trend. While technology and science develop day by day, humans turn back to their original lives, friendly with the environment. However, that does not mean that city life is totally negative because it is up to each person and lifestyle.

On the one hand, city life brings modern ways of living to everyone, which has always been humans’ ambition. The world now is far different from twenty years ago because of the curiosity that pushes society to make impossibilities possible, such as the Internet, which connects every person on the planet together, social networks and forums for sharing and exchanging information and especially the incredible improvement of facilities and constructions. In addition, people can find “the whole world” in any city to satisfy their needs. In other words, life in cities nowadays is highly convenient since there might be no other demands while they have everything nearby.

On the other hand, because the community seems to have everything, they lack being “green” while focusing too much on creating new stuff. To make one litre of Coca-Cola, people consume eighteen litres of water; to move faster, people have invented means of transport that use a lot of energy from fossil fuels and release a lot of “polluted air” like carbon dioxide. Although humans are aware of their actions, they can still not figure out how to reduce pollution effectively. Besides, modern and convenient life in urban areas leads to the fact that despite the trend of moving to the countryside, population growth can still be considered an explosion. Subsequently, there are more high buildings to fit a large number of people on the Earth. Sadly, the Chinese are very proud of their ability to build a fifty-floor building in fifty days, regardless of its quality. Thus, the inconvenience of living in cities should be considered when everyone chooses a place to spend their lives.

In conclusion, each point of view has both positive and negative sides. While city life brings modernity and convenience to society, living in urban areas maintains the planet’s sustainability. Even though the trend is that people are trying to be “greener”, that totally depends on how they want to live.


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