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♡ 9 Wines From Maison Gilliard ♡

1. Fendant, Les Murettes

This is a name steeped in tradition that induces the hearers to seek the pleasure of pleasures shared in good company. The Fendant Les Murettes has been the benchmark for this ancient Valaisan variety since 1920. Slender, elegant, crisp – this is a wine for all occasions, whose fruitiness and mineral character know how to flatter the palate. Not by chance do the people of the Valais prefer to drink the Fendant Les Murettes as an aperitif or at receptions of all kinds. It is the very essence of Valaisan sunshine and the Valaisan way of life – subtle and balanced.

2. Dôle des Monts

The Dôle des Monts remains what it always was: a harmonious union of the grace of a late Gamay with the pronounced temperament of a Pinot Noir. This great classic succeeds in combining the elegance of the one with the raciness of the other. Its seductiveness resides in its balance and sophistication – and in its fruity aromas and beautifully molten tannins. This is a wine made legend, a wine that is a joy to drink and can be served on any occasion – as indeed it has been since 1886.

3. Amigne, Crinoline

Like the Petite Arvine, the Amigne is a specifically Valaisan variety. Originating in the very best growing areas of Vétroz where the soils are in every sense ideal, the Amigne Crinoline is vinified dry to allow its full fruitiness to unfold. As vivacious as it is, it develops a wide range of aromas from mandarine to orange-peel.

4. Ermitage, Réserve des Choucas

Ermitage, a variety which was first introduced into the Valais in the nineteenth century, thrives only in the very best locations. A splendid wine with a superb body, it has an aromatic intensity reminiscent of wild berries, raspberry liqueur and even almonds. Being subtly sweet, the Ermitage Réserve des Choucas is pure pleasure for the palate.

5. Œil-de-Perdrix, Bal Musette

Made exclusively from Pinot Noir, the Œil-de-Perdrix is a delightfully radiant rosé. Here, admirable finesse comes hand in hand with a harmonious combination of flowery and fruity aromas. The result is a rich wine that is fresh and smooth on the palate and that has a long and elegant finish. A classic wine for the sun-spoiled days of summer, the Bal Musette is drunk young.

6. Syrah, Sélection

Being native to the Rhone Valley, the Syrah found the soils in the heart of the Valais to be the perfect palce to thrive. The berries give rise to a brightly coloured, heavy wine of great substance. Full-bodied and racy, its aromas range from small red fruit to the characteristic scent of violets. The Gilliard Syrah might almost be compared to a peppermill – that is how much its spices tease the palate. A heavy, finely structured wine with a long finish, it is sure to impress no matter what the occasion.

7. Humagne Rouge, Sélection

Authentically Valaisan in origin and character, the Humagne Rouge is remarkable for its dynamism and its wild, almost primordial fragnances with their hint of small red berries, violets and gentians. Solid and expressive in structure, its vivacious beginning yields to a fruity, full-bodied wine whose lasting impression is one of ebullient vitality.

8. Johannisberg, Clos du Brûle-Fer

This Johannisberg grown in the historic domain of the Clos du Brûle-Fer is both vigourous and subtly nuanced and refreshingly crisp on the palate. Unlike the Porte de Novembre, it is vinified dry and it is this that lends it its delightful vitality.

9. Ass. rouge, Antarès, Tonneliers

This subtle assemblage is an invitation to a festival of aromas and flavours. The combination of Pinot Noir, Syrah and Diolinoir makes for a heavy wine with both structure and a truly stupendous panoply of aromas. The Antarès ripens for 12 months in oak casks.


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